Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 82.133 (76.)
Tribe: ~VOID~
Night bonus: Current: 07:00-15:00

Villages (16) Coordinates Points
550|563 8.997
551|562 7.174
549|562 8.056
548|564 6.614
549|564 7.048
549|563 6.562
552|561 4.879
544|589 2.636
554|566 5.504
550|561 5.754
551|569 1.925
554|565 3.855
551|576 1.637
545|570 1.600
551|581 1.196
552|565 394
Personal picture
Personal text
In the ethereal expanse of Tribal Wars, there dwells a
queen whose beauty rivals the dawn's first light, yet
whose soul is shrouded in darkness. She is Frigg, her hair
cascading like molten gold down her slender form.
Her eyes, a haunting shade of ice blue, hold within them
the secrets of the abyss, promising both ecstasy and
despair to those who dare to gaze upon her.

Within the confines of her icy palace, Frigg rules with a
velvet-gloved fist, rewarding those who pledge their
unwavering loyalty with gifts that tantalize the senses
and ignite forbidden desires. Exotic and erotic treasures
from lands beyond the mortal realm are bestowed upon
her chosen ones, their souls ensnared in a web of
darkness and temptation.

But beneath her beguiling exterior lies a heart as cold
as the depths of the winter she commands, unyielding
in its pursuit of power and dominance. Frigg is a queen
of shadows and secrets, her enemies quaking in fear at
the mere mention of her name. With a mind as sharp
as a blade and a tongue as cutting as ice, she
strikes without mercy, leaving naught but devastation
in her wake.

Yet, amidst the darkness, there flickers a glimmer of
loyalty that burns bright within Frigg's heart. She is
fiercely protective of her people, willing to sacrifice
everything to ensure their safety and well-being. In times of war, she leads her armies with a ferocity
that borders on madness, her tactics as unpredictable
as they are devastating.

In matters of the heart, her love is a twisted tapestry of
passion and pain. She is a tempestuous lover, her
affections shifting like the cold arctic winds, her
desires as inscrutable as the mysteries of the night.
To win her heart is to dance upon the edge of oblivion,
for Frigg is a queen who thrives on chaos and uncertainty,
her love a dark and dangerous game.

In the shadowy realm of Tribal Wars, Frigg reigns
supreme, a queen of darkness and desire, her beauty and
power unmatched by any who dare to challenge her. She
is a figure of fear and fascination, a dark angel whose
legend will echo through eternity.